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10,000 eco-bit NFTs on Chia, from Chia

Celebrating sustainability, community & puzzles. Enter to win, one day only.

Thanks for your interest in Chia Friends. The giveaway is now closed. If you’ve been randomly selected to win a Chia Friend, you’ll see the NFT appear in your Chia Wallet by July 2, 2022. In the meantime, check out some of our launch partners below, and follow updates on Twitter at @chia_project.
Chia Firends

A puzzle in profile pictures

Display your Chia Friend PFP on Twitter and more to help spread the news about building projects on our new NFT standard. There’s also a puzzle embedded in the collection for the community to discover…that’s your only hint for now!

A new standard for NFTs

Chia Friends feature all of the new functionality that’s available to artists and developers who create with us. This includes the integration of digital identity, Chia Offers, and improved permanence and storage.


Donating 100% of royalties

We’ll support one of our favorite mammals by donating all on-chain royalties to the Marmot Recovery Foundation. If you don’t plan on trading your NFT, you can also directly donate.

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Discover more NFTs built on Chia

We’re excited for a more secure, sustainable and thoughtful way for artists and developers to create together, and can’t wait to see what you all build. Discover more great NFT projects on our partner sites.

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